In January 2009, I had an idea; photograph people in their homes that have placed a wide variety of personal advertisements. Although I imagined most people wouldn’t want to give up their anonymity, I rightly imagined some would be willing to. And with that de-classified was born.


Over the past couple of months, since I conceived de-classified I had the amazing experience of spending time with 50 plus people I wouldn’t have normally had the opportunity to meet. We have, for the most part, met in their homes and usually worked one-on-one creating an image of them.


The vast majority of those experiences have been both beautiful and intriguing.


When I began the project, I anticipated that by the time I got to 50, I would have captured a fairly complete representation of what was to be had. But now that I’ve hit that milestone, it is very obvious that I’ve barely touched the surface. Perhaps when I’ve completed another 200 I’ll be closer to what has become my internal true north for the project – an exhibit that represents the human condition.


Through the anonymity of personal advertisements an amazing array and spectrum of human emotions, needs and experiences shows up – love, lust, anger, fantasy, and pain are just the first few to come to mind.


The intention of combining the images with the ads hopefully will give the viewer a very intriguing view of each subject. Adding the ability for the viewer and community at large to anonymously view and comment on each pieces hopefully will ad another interesting layer.


My immense thanks to each of the individuals that agreed to allow me to work with them to create these images and expose so much of themselves.


Thank you for looking. I hope you’re pleased.



Mark Andrew
©2019 All rights reserved.
Resident Photographer, National Museum of Dance
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